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Strike a Light Hire

Strike a Light Challenge

High Speed Quick Reaction 2 Player Game

Speed, Accuracy and Head to Head, this game is a crowd pleaser!

A highly addictive game based on speed and accuracy. 2 players go head to head in a 30 second 'Strike a Light' game, to hit as many lights out as possible in the set time - if you hit a light that isn't lit you loose a point!

Sound effects and built in score board. Guests will come back time and time again to beat the best score.

This game is suitable for:

  • Adult entertainment at parties
  • Wedding guest entertainment
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Team Building
  • Conference Ice Breakers
  • Staff Kick Start Day's

For more information on our Strike a Light hire please contact our team on 0113 400 1055 or submit your enquiry here.

We do have a larger vertical game known as the Strike a Up Light which is the same concept but with a slightly more physical challenge and larger presence.

Price: £325

Operational area of 2m x 1.2m required

2 player game

1 x 13amp 240V plug socket required with 25 meters

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