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Pluck a Duck

Pluck a Duck - two player head to head challenge

The worlds first head-to-head steady hand puzzle game

Two players go head to head to remove 5 ducks and 1 star piece faster than one another, they are against the clock, but a steady hand win's the race. If a player touches the edge of the game when removing the piece the piece automatically drops back down meaning they have to re-enter the wand to try again.

The wand is electromagnet so when the wand is next to the game piece it automatically latches and automatically drops when a touch has been placed, meaning there is no way of cheating!

Compact design makes this perfect for:

  • Exhibition attractions
  • Conference ice breakers
  • Office parties
  • Classroom games
  • Party entertainment

For more information on this product please contact our team on 0113 400 1055 or submit your enquiry here.

We do have a single player electromagnetic game, our Tap the App is just as popular with the same great technology and concept.

Price: £295

Equipment requires 1.2m x 0.7m floor space

2 Players

1 x 13 amp 240v Socket required within 20 meters

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