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Laser Clays / Clay Pigeon Shooting

Exciting laser clay pigeon shooting for all ages!

Fun filled clay pigeon shooting without the use of actual shells

Laser clay pigeon shooting is extremely similar to the traditional clay pigeon shooting but without the shotgun shells! They are replaced with laser beams so it is suitable for everyone as it is more safe for everyone.

For this activity we use deactivated 12-bore shotguns which have been converted to shoot off invisible lasers. Players then shoot at the clay pigeons which register the hits and transfer them electronically to the scoreboard. The clay pigeons are launched off in the same manner as the original sport.

The laser Clay pigeon shooting is supervised at all times for safety reasons but as there is no live ammo and the gun doesn't kick back, it couldn't be any safer.

It is an outside activity and can be set up anywhere without the worry of a clean up afterwards as all of the involved equipment is made to stay in tact and not break or leave any unwanted mess.

It is great for events such as:

  • Corporate Staff Reward Days
  • Conference Ice Breakers
  • Office Reward Days
  • Graduation Events
  • Corporate Events

For more information contact our team on 0113 400 1055 or submit an enquiry via our contact us page.‚Äč

We also have a Laser Shot Shooting Gallery which is an virtual shooting game, using rifles to aim and shoot at the moving targets on the screen.

Price: £495

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